Saturday, June 10, 2023

Busy Springtime


A birds eye view of Sean & Will's Baby Shower. Although they have a big house, being able to use the backyard was a treat as we had sixty guests.

Sean & Will earlier in the week when it was cold

Heather did most of the cooking but had the week
before to plan and prepare.

We got home on May 7th and have been on the run since. Unpacking and cleaning the house were our first priorities. A chipmunk had taken up residence in our kitchen for awhile. Luckily the fellow who checks on our house while we are gone had caught the rascal, but his mess remained. Ah well, spring cleaning is a good thing and I often postpone it. Not this time. And then there is the garden, both flowers and vegetables. That's taken us weeks: buying new plants, weeding and planting. Good exercise! 

Our next priority was Sean & Will's Baby Shower, which we hosted with their friends Casey & Joey at Sean & Will's house in Boston. I drove down early in the week for doctor appointments and Scott flew down later to join us. The weather was iffy for Sunday May 21st. but we had the best luck, that morning it cleared up and it was perfect for the shower - sunny and 73 degrees! Sean & Will had just finished the landscaping project and the backyard looks amazing. Sixty guests were a lot easier to have with the outdoors available. I made the food with Scott's help and Casey & Joey decorated, handled the invitations and paper products. It was a huge success. 

Stan & Weezie, 50 years together!

Flower child ??


The event space at the State Park was big and 
charmingly rustic - this is early in the evening.
Later it was packed with dancers.

Another fun event was the 50th wedding anniversary of our friends Weezie & Stan. Their two children planned a 70's themed dinner party at the State Park on Lake Amherst. They weren't as lucky with the weather as it drizzled and the day topped out at 58. But the party was indoors and generated plenty of heat with a live band and lots of dancing. The guests were asked to join in by dressing appropriately (they were married in 1973). 

The Mexican Dinner in Pierce's Garage - now an
event space.

Pierce's has been a General Store here in Shrewsbury
since the Civil War!

A look at the enchilada dinner we all enjoyed!

There is lots going on in Shrewsbury and Rutland as usual. We attended a Rutland Garden Club luncheon, a Mexican Dinner and Beer Tasting at Pierce's store, dinners with friends and lots of doctor visits and committee/board meetings (mainly Scott). I returned to volunteering for shifts at Pierce's and working on the garden at the Godnick Senior Center (as if mine wasn't big enough).  There are tons of opportunities for various concerts and theater. We saw Fidelio, Beethoven's only opera, in Middlebury and a Lincoln Center Great Quartets Concert in Saratoga Springs. Lots more concerts and theater coming up. And there are the weekly trips to the Farmer's Market too!

Our next big event is our annual Fourth of July get together. A group of five families have gathered every year together since about 1982. Most of them, their children and grandchildren will be coming again this year. More on that in my next post!

Couldn't resist these flowers at the Farmer's Market. 

My peonies are still in bud but will be out next week.

The sign said "Flowers make you happy"! I agree.

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