Monday, August 29, 2022

Summer Summary

Kolya dressed up for the wedding as
ring bearer.

 We got back to Vermont late this year on June 12 and as the result we've had a busy summer catching up with friends and family here and away. The first happy occasion was a visit from James, Morgen and Kolya, along with Morgen's parents, Kris and Karl. They had a wedding in northern Vermont and came on the way up and back. Next, it was time for our Fourth of July gathering. Zoë flew to Boston and drove up with Sean and Will on June 30th. The rest of our friends gradually arrive and stayed with the last ones leaving on July 7th.  We had good weather and spent lots of time at Spring Lake and eating outdoors on the deck. 

From top row left: Pat (Doug's girlfriend), Doug, David, Leslie, Heather, Marty (next row) Luke, Emma (Luke's girlfriend), Scott, Sean, (bottom row) Zoë, Julie, Jenny, Russ, Larry, Scott S., Calvin & Laura. 

Our next visitors were Scott's brother Brent, his two daughters Wandi & Vern, Vern's husband Sam and son Joseph. Our sister-in-law Wilma had to stay behind to manage construction at their home. The weather really cooperated and we swam and did some sightseeing. 

Brent, Wandi, Heather, Scott, Joseph, Sam and Vern at the Mountain View Inn for lunch. 

We had a full concert/theater schedule this summer. First was three performances of Opera North at Blow-Me-Down Farm in Cornish, NH. We shared these season tickets with our friend Sally Deinzer and Sean was able to come with us one night. They were a delight and again the weather cooperated and we had picnics on the lawn. Then we went to see "Wait Until Dark" and "Thirst" at the Dorset, "Steel Magnolias" at the Weston, Postmodern Jukebox at the Paramount, "Midsummer Night's Dream" NYC Ballet at SPAC, and a number of concerts at the Town Hall in Shrewsbury. 
Scott, Sean and Heather at La Traviata, Opera North at Blow-Me-Down Farm, Cornish, NH

Our next guests were Harpal and Jeannie Dhama, visiting from Winter Park, FL. Harpal is one of my oldest friends, my sister Paula's originally in college. We stayed at their home twice during our RV trip across the country in 2021. but they were in California so this was the first time together for awhile. I'm sorry to say I don't have a photo - I've been negligent at taking photos since my camera broke! 

Heather takes a breather during our walk at the Taconic Ramble State Park. The Japanese garden there invites you to do some meditation!

I'll admit this wasn't our most athletic summer (or year). We did have some nice but rather short walks and rented e-bikes again from our Senior Center and did the Rail Bike Trail in Burlington, VT. We are planning to buy two folding e-bikes this fall to take on our cross country RV trip next winter. 
Scott rests up at the end of the bike path causeway that crosses a section of Lake Champlain up in Burlington VT 

Our bout with COVID after the trip to New Orleans for the Tortugal Marina reunion ended with negative tests in time to travel to Tulsa, OK to see our oldest son Joshua and his wife Michal, and our grandchildren, Maya, Jonathan and Shira (the oldest two are both at Columbia University now). We also saw our cruiser friends Jerry & Debarah, who live nearby in Drumright. 
We visited The Gathering, an amazing park on the river in Tulsa twice. here we try out a few of the fabulous chairs there. Here we have our granddaughter Maya, now 15 and going to school in London.

Shira, Heather and Maya make Jamaican patties for dinner. We've been watching the Great British Junior Baking Show and were inspired.

Kolya tries out a water shooter at the lake

Leslie makes her flag cake every year at the 
Fourth of July weekend!

Scott and Sally at our picnic before the Opera North afternoon performance. Blow-Me-Down Farm is the National Park Service's only collaboration with an arts group and a very successful one. It, together with the Saint-Gaudens estate is a National Historic Park and was originally the social and creative center for the Cornish Colony. 

We love the Postmodern Jukebox. This is the second
time they have come to the Paramount in Rutland.

Scott is always involved in politics, mostly
local and here his friend Bernie Sanders
speaks in support of Becca Balint for U.S.
Representative. She won the primary!

Michal and Maya share a chair at
the Gathering Place in Tulsa.

Josh in a big hug with Shira and Jonathan
Looks like a serious discussion!
And Shira must be making a point!
Jerry, Debarah, Heather and Scott at the Woolaroc Museum
On the extensive grounds surrounding the museum a variety of animals roam free. Here some water buffalos graze along the lake.
The museum holds over 300 paintings, 600 bronzes
 and 2300 pieces of Native American art and artifacts.
Woolaroc was established in 1925 as a ranch
retreat by the oilman Frank Philips. He gave
the entire property, including his home, to 
found the Museum.
Josh took the 2 kids and Scott on a 
Art Museum tour of Fort Worth. Michal
and I had a day together.

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