Friday, February 11, 2022

Retirement Possibility in Guatemala


One of the building locations for retirement cottages in Cayo Quemado, Guatemala. 
Our friend Sarah Cannon is building a small retirement community here on a spectacular peninsula in Cayo Quemado, Guatemala. She and her partner Tim built a beautiful home many years ago nearby but after Tim passed, Sarah sold it and has recently moved to her still under development property nearby. It's an enormous project. When they purchased it, it was jungle! She has two teams of workers going at all times, landscaping and building. There are no roads in this area so everything is brought in by boat. Two sets of docks are finished, one for her boat Cannonball and one large one for everyone's launchas and dinghies. One large building is almost finished. On the first floor is a workshop and bathroom. On the second floor, still uncompleted will be the community kitchen and dining room. The top floor will be the residence for the cook and her husband, but until Sarah's cottage is finished, she is living there. 
A second site for a cottage. Each site is landscaped so it is private from the others and has it's own view of the lake. Sarah has had land built up around the peninsula so that there is a nice walk all around the property along the water.

Sarah's house foundation is already outlined and will be built next. She took the site nearest the yoga palapa. Women from around the area meet together during the week for yoga there. She hopes to have 2 or 3 cottages built for other retiring individuals or couples. They will share the cost of upkeep and meals can be communal or individual as needed. Pretty amazing!!!

Jerry, Debarah, Sarah and Scott

Sarah's boat "Cannonball" rests at the new dock
she just had built for it.

The Yoga Palapa
A view inside, hammock ready for a nap afterward.
There is a big professional workshop on the first
floor of the main building, which will eventually
be used by the residents
Looking down from the dining room to the 
launcha/dinghy dock.
Jerry, Scott, Debarah and Sarah are standing in the dining room of the main building. The
first and third floors are finished but not this floor, which will also contain the communal
kitchen and another bathroom. The caretaker/cook's residence is upstairs: Sarah is living there
now. All the cottages will also have their own kitchen, but can eat here as well. 

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