Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Shrewsbury Day

The loudspeaker system was set up in front of Smith Maple
Crest Farm
Sunday, September 15 was the second annual Shrewsbury Day and a rousing success. It didn't hurt that it was perfect weather. The whole town turned out either in the parade or watching it!  Afterward, there was a BBQ lunch, lots of activities for the kids and live music. It was a perfect day to celebrate community - and we have a fantastic one here in Shrewsbury.
You can see one section of the crowds here in front of the Shrewsbury Church.

That's Ann Vanneman marching for the Historical Society
on the right.

Next came our Veterans. That's Gerry Martin in the middle.

The local farms were represented by a wonderful Cornocopia
float and pulled by, of course, a John Deere Tractor.

Many of our farmers were represented on board.

Most everyone was there from the Shrewsbury Elementary

The kids carried their animal sculptures.

Alana and Lavinia represented Pierce's Store,
 established in 1865!

The Shrewsbury Bocce Club featured a working Bocce court.

The Shriners retinue included a drum corps and...

a CAMEL. The kids loved this float!!

Next was our award-winning Volunteer Fire Department.

Along with a variety of fire engines, came this vintage
winter "passenger van"

Michael Wells sported a top hat.

Heather is joined by 4 students from her 2019 Cooking Class: Sharon, Linda, Carol and Jo

All the kids stood in line for the face painting

There were games of all kinds

And music

Here's a view from the back of the church 

 Picnic tables provided space for the great BBQ

There was a big line to get lunch

Inside the Town meeting room were local artisans displaying
their wares. Here are Chryl and Gerry with their wooden bowls
with Jolly looking on. 

Meg Mellor spun wool for a rapt group of kids.

The Shrewsbury Singers performed as well.

And then the band continued playing all afternoon. 

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