Sunday, May 05, 2019

Final post this year from Belize!

Scott, Morgene, Marc and Heather
We met Morgene and Marc from Lianda at the Pelican Cayes earlier in the season and have enjoyed many fun times with them since. Morgene is French and Marc Belgian and Lianda a 57 foot Swan.
We did land trips to Dangriga and Hopkins and fun evenings on each other's boat. One day Morgene arranged a bread making class with a French professional baker (from another boat) - fantastic opportunity!
Renate was feeling well enough back in Vancouver after her heart attack in Belize that Jim decided to fly back and sail Emerald Seas south and back up the Rio Dulce in
Heather and Marc at lunch at Hamansi

The grounds and pool at Hamansi in Hopkins where we had a delightful lunch

Students gather to watch while Patrice gives a demo
Guatemala. Scott and I sailed north to meet him on his first night in Sapadilla Lagoon and then buddy boated with him all the way back to Tortugal Marina. It was a fun trip, although we missed Renate a great deal, and for a change, everything went well!
We had an easy trip across the bar at the mouth of the Rio Dulce with only a short time pulled over on our side to cross the shallow bar. And we managed to get Scott Free ready to leave with less than a week at Tortugal. Happily, as the weather turned hot, hot, hot. Jim, Scott and I had a long trip up to Guatemala City on 4/26  and all flew out the next day. For the second time we stayed at Las Americas Hotel and find it very comfortable and convenient. There is a large modern mall nearby with lots of dining options and the buffet breakfast at the hotel is good. They have a free shuttle to the nearby airport.
Now we are enjoying a week with our son James, daughter in law Morgan and new grandson Kolya, now 9 months old. After a few days with my sister Paula, we return home to Vermont!

We watched the master baker and then copied
his every move.

Scott makes a lot of bread but mostly in the bread
machine or the "no knead" recipe so this was
different. We had two risings and the second one was
overnight in our frig followed by baking it for breakfast.

Dinner at Wendy's to say goodbye to Uli and Imke from Eiland and Dani & Jens on Arwen. They headed north up to
Mexico and then Florida. Rick & Marsha from She Wolf and Roy & Dale from Wahoo joined us.

It was Heather's 74th birthday and we celebrated at Yoli's.
Our friends Rosie & Don from Chickcharne ordered a
beautiful cake!

Our charming waitress at the great
Garifuna restaurant Tuani we visited in Dangriga

The owner gave us a history of the Garifuna people. The
walls of his restaurant have paintings illustrating it.

Here's one showing the process of making cassava bread

Our host, our waitress, Marc and Morgene

Heather, Rick, Jim, and Marsha enjoy a fun dinner on board
Scott Free at Sapadilla Lagoon. Jim sailed down that day
from Cucumber Beach Marina to join us on a buddy boat
trip south to Guatemala.

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