Saturday, June 09, 2018

A Perfect Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

 All week we've been watching the enormous numbers of canal cruise boats ply the water of Amsterdam. We finally made our choice and it was great - Flagship Amsterdam ( Maatten and Joie were our hosts and they were informative and fun. The drinks were delicious too: I had a glass of Prosecco and Scott, White Sangria for 6 Euros each. The cruise was 15 Euros each for one hour. And we saw a lot in that time. Of course it was perfect weather - sunny and about 76 degrees. After walking the streets here for 6 days, it was fun to see them from the water.

Our Captain Maatten and Joie were our hosts (he's at center)

Joie made some delicious drinks and added comments along
the way on the culture and history.

A wide variety of house boats line the canals - the number
of permits for these are limited and it is almost impossible to
buy a permit. You have to buy a boat that already has one.

Some are actual boats...

And others are houses on barges

This is a view down the seven bridge canal. But only 5 are visible in this shot.

People line the canals at every restaurant and cafe. We
joined them afterwards for a beer and a sandwich.

I loved this house with it's red shutters.

The bridges vary so much in terms of design.

This is the narrowist bridge in Amsterdam and right near
our apartment. It's called the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge)
Many of the canal cruise boats are glassed in with roofs -
we liked our open boat better - and smaller too.
Of course you can go even smaller as seem above - but that
is more expensive.
Maatten told us that they lose at leave 5 cars a year into the canals. As you can see here, they park really close to the edge!

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