Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas in Guatemala

Enjoying a coffee at a cafe overlooking the busy street.
 We arrived in Antigua rather ill. Heather came down with something just after the Holiday Party and ended up in the ER in Florida. It was bronchitus not pneumonia thank goodness but the regimen on prednisone and antibiotics haven't completed a cure still on 12/29. Scott has caught it too so we're quite a pair. But we rallied enough to walk around Antigua admiring the beautiful Christmas decorations and Scott got 6 fillings done by a good local dentist. On the 23rd we took the long bus ride down to the Rio and are now on Scott Free. We enjoyed a very nice cruiser pot luck here at our Marina on Christmas Day with some old friends. But we're still dreaming of a White Christmas!

Antigua is lit up for the holidays. We joined the crowd celebrating a live Nativity play in front of .La Merced Church

It was a beautiful scene.

The 3 Kings arrived with great pomp and

This is the center of the main square at night in Antigua in front of the Cathedral. Lots of families are out walking around and playing.

Doris putting out the pot luck buffet. She made
the roast turkey and gravy.
Kathi, Luis and Daphne (owner of Tortugal Resort)
Scott in his shirt from the San Blas islands with a few other

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