Friday, June 23, 2017

Vermont Times

Scott and Nick worked together fixing and then flying a drone
that Scott got for Christmas.

Close up of the pair
We drove back to Vermont Saturday after the Tall Ships parade and arrived in time for dinner there. It's still light until 9 pm but the solstice has passed now and the days will slowly get shorter. And we've packed a lot into the week: hiking, swimming, bowling, theater (we saw Wonder Woman and the musical "Really Rosie" - as well as "Wicked" earlier in the week), a visit to VINS Raptor Center, joined the Maker Space in Rutland, Farmer's Market, our dump (a really fun place - honest!), and of course some good meals out and in. Today Friday after breakfast out at Johnny's Cafe, we drove up to Killington's Adventure Center. Nick and Tommy completed the AmazeN Maze and then we enjoyed the Beast Mountain Coaster. Heather and Nick went first and then Nick went on his own (much faster!). It was a lot of fun. We hoped to go up the Gondola to the top but a cloud continued to hang over the summit so we'll do it another time. As soon as we got home, we changed into our suits and swam in the lake - it's 84 degrees now at mid day.
On Saturday we had a big schedule. First we watched some of the Century Bikers come through Ludlow but missed our friends Scott and Laura. Then on to King Arthur Flour to pick up some items and have an afternoon snack. Next the Montshire Science Museum followed by an evening at the 6th Annual RockFire Celebration in Millstone Hill, Vermont. We had dinner sitting out on the beautiful lawn overlooking the mountains listening to a concert. Then the Iron Guild put on a performance involving molten iron and lots of fire! THEN the 2 mile walk through the candle lit Quarry trails entertained by 10 different music groups! What an evening - and a very late one.
Tommy and Scott playing chess.

The boys love swimming up at Spring Lake at the end of our
road. That's Tommy sitting on the raft with Nick and then
Scott next to him. 

They played a game where you balance on your toes at the
edge of the raft and bounce it until the last one is left - the

On the trail up to White Rocks viewpoint

Tommy and Nick 

Nick and Tommy as owls.

More repairs to the drone.
We have had a lot of cloudy cool days but it hasn't stopped
us from hiking.
Heather on our walk around some meadows and the river.
The meadow was full of daisies and lupine. Plus we saw deer, turkeys and a groundhog.
Tommy takes a selfie down by the river.
At the VINS Raptor Center the staff gave a very interesting
presentation on these fascinating birds and we got to meet
four of them up close and personal.
Then we toured the rest of the center and met their many
resident birds - all damaged and unable to live in the wild.
These were two bald eagles.
Tommy clowning around - he's a funny guy!
Queechee Gorge from one side of the bridge
And the other.
Tommy loved this truck!
Nick pitched in - mowing some of our lawn.
Sparklers brightened up the Friday evening.
More dramatic without the flash!
Heather and Nick ready to head up the mountain.
The only shot I managed to get on the way down!
Nick's happy to do it on his own!
It's a long way up to the top...
But a quick trip to the bottom.
Nick and a part of Tommy in the Maze (this
was just a corner of it).
Nick & Tommy at King Arthur Flour
Cafe and Bakery
At the Montshire Science Museum
Both boys loved the bubble making area
We didn't have a long time here but it was
fun while it lasted
This Caliope was made from granite!
We got to the RockFire event very early and therefore were in
the first group to do the fire walk after the concert and the
Iron Guild performance.
Nick and Tommy loved the maple pop corn!
Scott and the boys settle in to listen to the concert
Bagpipes led us to the Fire Walk!
The Iron Guild Rock Fire performance is pretty dramatic.
One lovely spot on the two mile walk through the Millstone quarries.

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