Thursday, April 20, 2017

Back in Havana

The best bedroom in our last Casa Particular on Calle Oficios
we shared with Larry & Christine. The next morning they
left for Viñales and we met up with Josh & family
Christine lent Heather her beautiful scarf. We're having
drinks at Cafe Oriente in San Francisco Plaza.
Showing off the scarf!
Here we are all together (except Uzi who was hiding) at the
very expensive restaurant where we had our first dinner
Scott, Shira and Maya on our terrace at Villa Ruiz in Playa
Daniel, Uzi, Maya, Shira and Cookie pose with a Spanish
Maya and Shira at one of the fun clothes
pin sculptures at a beautiful gallery near
Cathedral Plaza.

There is so much fun public art in Havana. This is a very
 new piece in the Plaza Vieja.

Cookie, Shira, Daniel, Scott, Josh, Uzi and Maya stroll the

At the Museum de Bombas (firemen) Maya
poses behind a plaque.

Another example of the lovely small parks with art and
fountains scattered around Havana - here with a generous
musician practicing his guitar.

We enjoyed this fun parade through the pedestrian only
Cubans love to feature their best parts.
Maya communes with Chopin.
Our handsome oldest son Josh in a new Cuban hat.
And with Daniel and Cookie at El Morro fort
A close up of Cookie on one of the big guns
Looking across the channel to the center of Havana
And up at the Farro (lighthouse). The guard
inside allowed the kids to go up to the top
(they were not supposed to do this) and they
loved it!
At the entrance of the fort we really enjoyed a terrific 3
man band.
And Michal showed off her salsa moves with one
of the band members while Josh got a photo.
No, Cookie isn't driving yet but she enjoyed sitting at the
driver's seat - all color coordinated!
At the Museum of the Revolution 
This is the group that had a late night at the Buena Vista
Social Club show in Vieja Havana one evening. Michal
looked particularly Vavoom!
Heather spent a day in bed with the stomach flu. Her
grandchildren gave her a beautiful floral tribute!
And here it is - lucky Grammy!
For Heather's birthday we all went to Santa Maria beach
and then later to the Melia Hotel for a wonderful dinner.
Outside La Mina restaurant after a ballet at the Alicia
Alonso Theater.
And lined up in front of the "Grandma" boat mural at

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