Friday, March 03, 2017

Day Three in Havana, Cuba

Havana is a gorgeous city. It reminds us of a cross between Naples, Italy and Cartegena, Columbia. But it is meeting the Cuban people that is a highlight of the trip. It starts with our wonderful hostess Carmen in our Casa Particular (Cuban B&B) and her family. We've been welcomed into their home and what fun we're having. We have had long conversations too with Cubans we have met around the city and at the historical sites. People here are really interested in getting to know Americans and very happy to have us here. Some are worried about the long term changes but generally the mood is very positive - or at least it was under Obama. Like everywhere in the world, people are nervous about President Trump.
On our third day we walked for miles through the old city, stopping for tours through the Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta, the Cathedral of Havana and the Museo de la Ciudad. But all of that will have to wait for another post. Only so much wifi at a time! And so much to tell...
Our hostess and now our good friend
The two other couples, Allison & Matthew from Pittsburg and
Don & John from South Africa with us around the breakfast
table - fun mornings.
Don bought a huge amount of fruit for the house and hear
we are with Carmen's mother joking around.
Scott and I had a really fun time at the Buena Vista Social
Club dancing and singing with a variety of famous Cuban
musicians. We were up on the stage "trying" to salsa at one
This was the early group at the Birthday party for Carmen's
son. It got busier and more raucous later.
There are musicians everywhere and they love
to come over and chat afterwards.
A number of Santaria practicioners pose for photos and
give advice throughout the city. Here 3 fun chicas pose for
a photo (and I caught it too)
There are hardly any boats in sight on the water or land.
these two were the first we'd seen. We enjoyed talking to
the men working on the boat.
Scott and I post for a photo. We've had long conversations
with many of the official guides at the sites and museums.
They are very knowledgeable about the history but the best
part is talking about our countries and lives.

This Santaria couple were tourists like ourselves. One pair
of women were also on the plane with us coming from
Two Santaria women tell fortunes here for customers.
Carmen catching up on her paperwork. She has four rooms
with private bath for rent in her apartment. And her mother
and son live with her too. All on two floors of a narrow
apartment building.

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