Friday, January 27, 2017

Tortugal Marina - our home in Guatemala!

The restaurant from the dock.

Scott Free at Tortugal, The bridge is in the distance.

We had a fun New Year's Dinner at Casa Perico. Around 18
Cruisers joined us for the evening.
Jodi, Thomas, Heather, Dave, Ellen, Woody, Marsha, Scott
Trixie and Andreas
Marsha, Scott, Trixie, Andreas, Thomas, Heather, Dave and
Uli and Heather
We arrived back on our boat at Tortugal Marina in Guatemala on 12/29. Lots of our friends were still there finishing up boat projects before heading out of the Rio. Scott Free was hauled out of the water for 5 days to get her bottom painted, new batteries and some instruments installed. We stayed at Tortugal and just spent the days over at Ram supervising the work. Then it was back at the dock to finish up a lot of small projects - the biggest being out new stove (see a picture at the bottom).  After a 3 day holiday seeing Copan in Honduras, we are ready to cross the "dreaded" bar of the River and head north up to Belize. High Tide is 7 pm tomorrow night and we'll be on our way (hopefully). Next post - Placencia, Belize.

Our good friends Woody & Judy on Lapis

There is always a Mexican Train Dominos game on Sundays

We stayed in this little Casa at our Marina while our boat was
up on the hard at Ram getting it's bottom painted.

The view down the south dock towards the restaurant

We love to walk in the mornings out of the
Marina and into town

Going through a two story forest, the top are teak
trees and the bottom cocoa bushes (here's a cocoa pod)

Gorgeous Flamboyant Trees are everywhere

There are fresh flour tortillas to pick up and
 have for lunch later.

Sometimes we walk over the tall bridge that spans the Rio
Dulce. Here's a view looking at the north side of the river.

On the south side of the bridge there are views of Nana Juana,
Ram, and Mar Marine Boatyards

Scott taught a class in solar panel design and installation
for cruisers and locals

Scott mid project wiring up new instruments

Scott Free at dawn on the dock at Tortugal

Our new stove. Only two burners versus the
three I had before but much better spaced
and the left burner is very powerful.

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