Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Colors

Looking down the walkway from our front porch here in Shrewsbury
This view and the next few are from a road walk in Shrewsbury
Smith Maple Farm
Cattle grazing at Smith Maple Farm
Another view from the road
This was taken another day on Lake St. Catherine
Sunflowers and morning glories on our garage
We discovered some new trails at White Rocks off Rt 140
not far from us - here on Ice Bed Trail
A view of  the White Rocks slides
Scott exploring the rock slide
Deborah & Dick visited us this fall and we spent a day at
the Shelburne Musuem
Dick, Deb and Scott in front of the Lighthouse built in 1871
 and originally sited on Lake Champlain's Colchester Reef
These 3D quilts by Dominique Ehrmann were gorgeous
It's a long walk around the beautiful grounds so we took a
coffee break - Scott here with Dick
Dick at the huge "backup" wheel on the Steamboat
 Ticonderoga, built in 1906 and moved here in  1955 - no easy

Two of the many amazing sculptures by George Sherwood
shown throughout the grounds - they all move with the wind.
Now in late October most of the leaves have
fallen but once in a while we look up from the
trail and see a blaze of color.

The trail is a bed of multicolored leaves
that make for somewhat treacherous footing
but a great swooshy sound.

We went down to Maryland to see my sister Paula and James
& Morgen in Washington DC. We spent one day at the
Annapolis Boat Show.

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