Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our friends Alan & Jeanette Feuer visit us in Placencia during February

Heather, Jeanette, Alan and Scott in the Bamboos
It was a lovely week. They stayed on the boat with us for the first 2 nights and then in a pretty cabin at Captain Jax's Resort nearby. We went out for a day snorkeling at Ranguana Cay, did a day long tour of the Monkey River with the Howler King himself, and rented a golf cart to see the whole peninsula.  Our cruising friends Jim & Beth on "Madcap" joined us on the tour and we saw lots of wildlife, birds, reptiles and howler monkeys. We also toured the village of Monkey River and had lunch there.  On our golf cart trip we visited a number of the big resorts and had an excellent lunch at the Mango Beach Bistro. In fact we ate at all the top restaurants in the area - Yum! That was topped off of course several times with gelato from Tutti Fruitti.
All together we spent a month in Placencia. It's one of our favorite places.
Alan took this great panorama of the Monkey River shoreline.

We saw lots of birds

The alligator we saw was a small one - fine with me!

I loved this boot drying method

Beth is eating live termites here!

One of the classrooms in the local school at Monkey River

These two kids captured my heart.

And I took a number of pictures of them and showed them
Scott and I, Jeanette & Alan, Jim & Beth "Madcap"

Dishing out our dinner of Chicken Pepian

The Mango Beach Bistro and Resort where we had lunch

And enjoyed the pool and beach afterwards

The bigger boat in the picture isn't really that big

One morning it was hard to tell the sky from the water

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