Saturday, April 19, 2014

Russ' Visit - Our Fifth Anniversary

This was our fifth anniversary with Russ on Scott Free. We look forward to his visits every year and he often has done long passages with us. But this year we had a lovely lazy visit (lazy is not a term you really should use with Russ - he swims a mile each day and that's just the start) in Roatan. We hardly traveled in the boat, only one lovely sail from French Cay Harbor to the West End in Roatan.  But it was filled with great conversation, fun diving/snorkeling (Scott dove and Russ and I snorkeled), swimming, walking and of course many great Happy Hours and meals.
Scott, Heather and Russ at Temporary Cal's Cantina on top of Roatan, Honduras
The first five days of Russ' visit we spent at Fantasy Island
Marina in French Cay Harbor. This is the Tiki Palapa, the
center of social activity in the anchorage
Besides solving the problems of the world in the evenings,
Russ and Scott repair the boat in the daytime
The view from Cal's Cantina - this is just one of the four
bays visible from the deck.
We sailed down to the West End of Roatan for the remainder
of Russ' visit. This is one section of the miles long beach
One morning Russ and I (Heather) took a long walk from
the town of West End down the beach to West Bay
We wore our suits so we could cool off in the crystal
clear water
Occasionally rock outcrops provided some careful
Breakfast on our anniversary morning across from the beach
with Lennie and Sue from Windancer
Our big celebration was the Russ' last night, between
our anniversary and Heather's birthday. Sue Ann
Solomon, our friend here in Roatan, invited us for a
bonfire on her beach with wine and snacks

After that we all went out for dinner at the Oasis Restaurant
up on the hill above the West End

Sue Ann and Russ at the Oasis

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