Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back in Guatemala, First in Antigua

The view from our room at Chez Daniel in Antigua - pretty nice, huh?

A little vignette

Peering into the courtyards is really fun

Los Arches with the mountains beyond

Floats for the Easter Week in Antigua being prepared

Each new street opens a vista

This Mayan family rests in front of the

While these manikins show off  traditional

There is a lovely walk up to this cross with a great view of
the city

The Museum of Colonial Art

The building itself is the greatest example

Is this gorgeous of what?

Mayan women with handwoven fabrics and other crafts
piled on them roam the streets looking for customers.

This woman is also carrying her baby

Intact churches and equally beautiful ruined ones are
on almost every corner

This is the bookend photo to the one at the front of the post. It's the two volcanoes just to the right of the previous one!

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