Saturday, November 02, 2013

Fun in Tulsa, OK

Even Uzi is computer savy!
We just returned from a wonderful two weeks with our kids and grandkids. The first week was with Joshua, Michal and their five children; Daniel, Ariella "Cookie", Maya, Jonathan "Uzi" and Shira. This first blog entry shows them around their house in the historic district of Tulsa, OK. They'll be two more of our visit there and then we'll be on to see Zoe, George and their two children; Nick and Tommy.
Maya and Shira have fun with plastic glasses

Who needs toys?

And someone is watching...

Look at me! - who needs prompting?

Not Grammy!

Back in the playroom with some paints

Maya's painting a castle

Shira has a variety of toy trucks

Uzi joins in with some building logs

After school there's ballroom dancing lessons

Daniel is really concentrating

The ladies waiting for a partner...

Ariella and Josh at work

Maya does hers too.

Grammy and Maya carve a pumpkin for Halloween

Michal tries to get some dinner in Shira

"Cheese" Shira!, calls Grammy

Grandpa helps Shira with her computer work

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