Thursday, June 06, 2013

Grandchildren Yeh!

We are spending a week in Oceanside, CA with our two oldest children, Josh and Zoe and their families. Josh and Michal live in Tulsa, OK with their five children, Daniel (10), Ariella "Cookie" (8), Maya (6), Jonathan "Uzi" (2) and Shira (23 months). Zoe and George live in Palo Alto, CA with their two sons, Nick (10) and Tommy (6). We rented 2 two bedroom condos here at Oceanside Marina Suites, located on a point at the end of the harbor overlooking the entrance channel and marina. During the week we visited San Diego Zoo Safari Park and Disneyland (photos in my next post). Great fun was had by all. All the shots in this post were of our first days at our condo and the beach in Oceanside.
Tommy and Nick Mount - Zoe & George's 2 sons

Maya, 3rd child of Josh and Michal

Zoe, George, Michal, Nick and Scott

Shira, 5th child of Josh and Michal and 23 months

Tommy, Jonathan, Daniel, Ariella and Maya on the rocks

Jonathan, almost 3, Josh and Michal's 4th child

Heather, Shira, Ariella and visable Daniel

Fooling around George, Jonathan and Tommy

Zoe and her Dad have a heart to heart

George, Josh, Scott and in the water, Ariella

Daniel (Josh's oldest) loved being Captain of our rented boat

He, Nick and Scott spent fun times motoring around

Nick and Daniel took turns being Captain

We had a charming visitor - a baby seal

Who followed our boat
probably hoping for some snacks
The adults must have had their fill already
Nick, Zoe's oldest, watching the action
Ariella's a sand sculpture, Josh's second 8 years old
Maya, , now 6
Running from the waves, Michal, Shira and Jonathan
Looks like Shira's eating sand
Twelve of us fit into one van for the short trip within the complex
Tommy (Zoe's second son 6), Daniel and Nick
Frolicking on the couch
The adults ate at the table - kids on the floor
Luckily they had a big hot tub!
Josh led the card games
Allowing George and Zoe to read and relax

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