Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Campeche Part Two

Numerous churches of different styles dot the city

This reminded me of California missions
Our trip to Campeche and lovely visit with Tony and Hilary ended almost two weeks ago. We're still in Isla Mujeres but planning to check out of Mexico tomorrow, fuel up and after one night at anchor here, sail south to Belize on Thursday. Chris Parker, our weather guru, has promised pretty good conditions for the trip. Hopefully easier than the one coming up here.
We plan to spend one night at Cozmel, then an overnight to the north end of Chinchorro Bank, a Mexican atoll. One or two nights there and we have a long day sail to San Pedro on Ambergris Cay, Belize. It's a tricky entrance through the reefs,  so timing our arrival in good light is important. We can check into Belize there and hopefully spend a couple of days before continuing south to Placencia. Scott's brother Brent and our sister-in-law Wilma are flying there on April 6. We're really looking forward to their visit.
So wish us luck for our trip and I'll send you a post when we arrive in Belize.
Love the Shadows of the Coconut Trees

No, the right arm is down...

Casa Viejo - great place to sit, eat and watch the Plaza

Shoe shine anyone? There are always a number of them in the parks

Outside this section of the City Wall is a park now but
originally the sea came right up to the walls

Guard posts on the corners look over city streets now

View of the art strewn street from the wall
Casa # 6 reflections. This beautifully restored house
on the main plaza brings the Colonial times to the present
Casa #6 The courtyard
Bedroom -it looks just like it was lived in
The elegant Salon. That's an original costume on a maniquin
in the rear
The bright welcoming kitchen
Walkway up to the city wall
We bought belts from this woman just to spend time with
her adorable baby

I love this angel watching over these gentlemen
There was an excellent dance and music show one evening
A Mexican version of a Barbershop Quartet
The dancers were terrific and looked like they were having a great time.
Our last shot before saying good-bye
Last night dinner at Don Lorenzo with Tony and Hilly

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