Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shop Till We Drop

If these hats had been for sale, we might have bought one!

I really regret not buying a lot of things, these wooden
painted carved animals among them

The quilts were fabulous, all pieced together with
handwoven fabrics and rightfully expensive, although
obviously cheap by U.S. standards

A close look at the painted animals

We couldn't resist these wooden "puzzles". They come
apart and have hidden compartments inside - very lovely too

You wouldn't lose your child in a crowd
wearing these

We did resist buying one of these tamales for a snack and
waited for lunch. They did look good; lots of flavors.

Isn't this a handsome machine - it's a grinder I think

Lunch - can't believe how enormous - and delicious

Just looking...

This is like the clowns in the VW bug

I can't believe they all got in there

Restaurante el Pesca D'Or where we had our excellent
lunch. The tangle of wires over the streets here are

Even  though I'm wearing a traditional blouse
and headdress I don't blend in

As we head out on the dock to our boat these women
rush to make a last minute sale

Our boat driver waited for us patiently

These women were incredibly persistent and it payed off
I bought another blouse at the last second.
One of the volcanoes with a fisherman in front

Heading back to Panajachel after a great day

Dinner at the aptely named Sunset Cafe

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Christine said...

Love all the photos! It makes me feel like I am tagging along. I especially like the one of the trousers because it would make a wonderful painting. Looks like you are having a great time and eating fabulous food...looks healthy too. Thanks for keeping in touch through your blog and drink in the moment!