Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Walking and Running around Isla Mujeres

In the distance you can see some of the boats in the anchorage
Well...mostly walking. We did participate in one fun road race of 5 kilometers. It started at 8am right on the dot, much to our surprise. It was a hot morning with not much wind so we really didn't do much running. Also unexpected was a complete lack of water, until the end (boy was it welcome then), so we were parched. We expected to turn around and start back after doing about 2.5 kilometers but the course continued south on the island. Scott and I figured we'd got the distance wrong. There was no sign at the start. But the race ended 5 K up the island with no provision to return. So we walked back...a long morning without breakfast! It was fun though with great participation by local families. Children of all ages ran with their parents and everyone had a good time.
It's delightful walking here on the island. There are wide sidewalks along the ocean and bay side with beautiful views. We walk for about an hour every morning and often walk into town at night. There is usually a brisk wind so it's very pleasant.
The palms shadows and water create some wonderful
On the bay side the beach is lined with boats and restaurants
Small boats are tied up the shore
The road is lined with a large sidewalk so it's lovely
Many of the boats have temporary passengers when
the local fishermen are gone, here pelicans.
Along the ocean side as you come into the town the
road disappears inland and the wide walkway is between
the buildings and the sea. 
There's a few beaches on the ocean  but most are on
the protected western side
There are many sculptures
and murals on the walls
Outside of town the walk on the ocean side is along the
rocky beach

The start of the 5K race honoring the founder of Isla
Mujeres's Recreation Commission
The final festivities. Everyone received a metal!
Every age participated 

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