Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bona Dia

Not Buenas Dias it seems. I'll test this out this morning in Merida, Mexico, but on Isla Mujeres they've shortened the morning greeting to Bona Dia. In Bonaire and in many of the eastern Caribbean where Papiamento is spoken, it's Bon Dia. But whatever way you say it, it certainly is a Beautiful Morning here!

Fresh fish and rice on the beach watching the boats
And a couple of cold beers of course...
Local fishing boats and nets line some sections of the beach
Or hammocks under the palms
Russ decides on a lounge chair for his nap
The main street Hidalgo is pedestrian only
And is lined with handicraft shops and restaurants
We walked most mornings and again in the late afternoon

Oscar night at a local restaurant with all the trimmings
As Russ flies home Wednesday morning we rented a car in Cancun on Monday and drove to Merida to see this lovely Colonial city and visit the Mayan temple Chichen Itza on the way back. It's been a great week relaxing in Isla Mujeres before hand. We have a big swimming pool at the Marina and there are endless white sand beaches to walk on and swim from. We dinghied over to a wreck and rock spit across the harbor and enjoyed the snorkeling too. And knowing me, you understand we've done a lot of great eating. The food is very good here and excellent value. And so far, not even a hint of Montezuma taking revenge.

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