Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Festivities

We stayed in Boston for several days after flying back from London visiting our oldest son Josh and his family. As we had left our car back in Vermont, Russ Wolf volunteered to drive us back and spend a day helping Scott with the solar array. He needed to finish up the electrical connections through to the public grid. Now we can monitor our energy production on line anytime.
We had Thanksgiving dinner at Harvey and Gail Smith's in Middlebury earlier in the day and then Josh and the family came up that evening and spent the weekend. So we had another holiday dinner on Friday at our house. I turned out a lot of pies this year! Scott went with everyone to Okemo to ski while I baked. There were only a few trails open but they still had fun. Daniel and Arielle managed a "expert" trail!
Daniel is learning to play bridge. Here he and Scott practice
on the computer at Josh's home in Newton.

Arielle (Cookie) and Michal

Jonathan is anxious to join our game playing

Maya and Grandpa snuggle

Just one more game before school

Russ drove us back to Vermont and helped Scott finish
up wiring the Solar Array into the Network

We were quickly welcomed with some snow.

About four inches as you can see from the railings.

Josh, Jonathan, Daniel, Arielle and Maya get dressed for a day on the slopes. This was Maya's first year.

Our "bandit" grandson plays bridge. Daniel turned 9 in

We all love playing games. Josh has copied our model of "no television" while the kids are growing up. I mean neither of us have/had television at all. We do love to watch a movie however.
Besides bridge, which only Daniel has picked up so far, our favorites right now are Carcassonne, Harry Potter Clue, Scrabble and Sorry.

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