Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fourth of July

Most of our friends got in the group picture this year. We are missing Julie and Nat, and Leslie and Rob.
Left to right; Rebecca, Debra, Scott S., Russ, Doug, Marty, Scott, Heather, James, Jenny, David W., Leslie, David S.
and in the front, Dick and Larry

Deb and I assemble pizzas
This was our 28th annual Fourth of July weekend and it was, as usual, a lot of fun. Happily the weather cooperated on the whole with mostly warm sunny days. Russ raced round and round Lake Rescue in his motor boat with everyone in turn; some waterskiing, tubing or just rubber necking. Dick and Debbie brought their twin kyacks and explored Spring Lake with it's family of loons. A hiking group went out each morning and tramped the Appalachian/Long Trail nearby. And the Shrewsbury Outing Club docks up at Spring Lake were well used. A group swam the length of the lake each day.

James, Dick and Doug pour over the Atlas to find Doug's
son Tom's Peace Corps location 
Food is generally the star of the show. Everyone brings several dishes or ingredients with them and meal planning involves choosing which ones to combine. The kitchen is a hub of activity before and after the meals. Some things are traditional, like Leslie's flag cake and others should be a tradition, like Rebecca's mojitos. Marty made amazing toasted coconut bars, Doug brought barbecued pulled pork and Debra's vegetable tarts were the star of one lunch. Scott S. organized his helpers for Thai fresh spring roll construction and James slaved over the stove to produce delicious Asparagus Risotto for 17 people. My Scott made four loaves of bread for the weekend using his new 6 hour no knead receipe.
As in most Fourth of July meals, the grill was smoking, presided over by Dick with several helpers. And those who didn't cook the meal, cleaned up afterwards.

We ate many of our meals out on the deck

But the best part of these weekends is spending time talking and relaxing with old and new friends. The mornings begin around 6AM and several hours are spent over endless cups of coffee or tea chatting or reading. The lounge chairs are always occupied with sun worshipers or others just taking a nap. With everyone chipping in on the cooking and cleaning - no one works too hard, especially the host and hostess!

Setting the automatic timer to take our group shot was
a group effort!

Jenny, looking chic as always

Mojito preperation - Nat, Julie, Jenny and Scott S.

Gathering out on the lawn for our group picture

Rebecca, Larry, Russ and Dave head out for some
water skiing

Rob, Scott S. and Leslie assemble Spring Rolls

Most of the group have been coming since the beginning and James, Jenny, Julie and Scott were babies at first. A few of our original friends have moved away and each year we enjoy meeting someone new so the cast of characters changes some. Still, a core of old friends look forward to this annual get together and we feel lucky to be part of this lovely tradition.

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