Monday, March 29, 2010

A Day with Martin Carriere

We called Martin Carriere "Providence" (, cell 767-245-2700, home 767-445-3008 or call him on VHF 16) as soon as we arrived to book a trip with him. He's featured promently in Chris Doyle's Guide to the Leeward Islands and we had a wonderful day with him last time we were in Dominica. That time we did the Indian River in the early morning and then switched to his van for a trip across the island and down the east coast. We saw the cold sulpher springs, the red rocks by the crashing sea and had a great swim between a river and a beach.

But our favorite part of being with Martin is learning about all the plants and birds that abound here. You're always munching or smelling something with Martin. The variety of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables that grow everywhere is amazing!
Heather and Don of "Asseance" and Smitty, "The Mighty Yachtee", joined us for the trip. We stopped at the Saturday Market in Portsmouth first and then drove north on the west coast past the Medical School complex and Rollo Head. Then we turned inland and went straight up into the mountains with lovely views behind us over the sea. An artisan had set up shop at a viewing spot and was creating his bead and ceremic pieces. The beaded curtains were really lovely and we wished we had more room on the boat to purchase some.

Our destination was a beautiful waterfall at the end of a trail that meandered through a working farm and then along and through a small stream. All along the way we learned about the way of life here both of the people, the wildlife and the plants. Need a snack? Martin picked up grapefruit from the ground, peeled it and cut it up for us - sweet and juicy. How about some coconut milk? His machete is always with him.

The path was easy but crossing the streams was difficult if you didn't have waterproof shoes. Those who did helped those who didn't. The waterfall itself was very impressive but it now enclosed in a chain link fence to prevent people from swimming there. It is presently the water source for a downstream village. Martin told us this is being changed and the pool may be available in the future. Meanwhile our next destination was to a nearby river and a deep pool to swim in.

It was a fun day as always. The nicest part is being with Martin! He's a knowledgeable guide and has an engaging personality. We look forward to our next visit.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a glorious time, you two ... I'm happy for you! Enjoy (as if you wouldn't!) :-) SFB