Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cartagena's a lot of fun!

We are going to be very sorry to leave Cartagena and we'll be back for sure. We take a walk every morning and often again later in the day. At this point of course, after several months here (Scott Free has of course been here longer), we know it well and to know it, is to love it. The scenery is beautiful overall but there are millions of little details that surprise you every day.
Inside a simple doorway you can glimpse a beautiful courtyard. A door is decorated with a lizard and fountains spray water high in the squares. The people here are very nice and we have never felt the slightest concern for our safety. The weather is hot of course, but really only in the middle of the day. Even then if you stay out of the sun, it's fine. The food is great and inexpensive for the quality. We've eaten in some restaurants the equal of those in NYC and for half the price! That's Scott eating a selection of desserts from the Sunday buffet at the Sant Clara Hotel on the left.
We take spanish lessons five days a week and we've learned a lot. Scott can chatter away in Spanish and I at least can manage a conversation now. We expect we'll improve in Peru when we'll be forced to converse more often. Here we hang out with the cruising community a lot and haven't made too many local friends. And those want to practice their english!

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