Saturday, September 01, 2007

August in Bonaire

Spending the summer in Bonaire was so much fun. We did enjoy Trinidad last year but everyone agreed that this is better. Social events and great people happen in both places but in Bonaire you can swim and dive right off your boat as well. Sunday afternoons we usually play dominos but near the end of our stay Louise and Gary on "Lulu" hosted a great party afterwards.
That's Mary from "Tango" on the left, then Bill and Carol from "Hope", Scott, and last Norma and Trevor on "Beebopalula". Below is Gary, Suzie from "Wishful Thinking", and Louise. On the right below Scott and I get dressed up for a art exhibit on "Freewinds", the Scientology cruise ship which spent two nights a week on Bonaire. Our friends Richard and Elaine from "Bagheera" are on the bottom left in the ship's cocktail lounge. We regularly attended jazz concerts and movies on board as well. Their house band was excellent and each week they had a different guest soloist.

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