Monday, March 06, 2006

Underway again!

We have been enjoying ourselves for this last week as we get the boat back in shape after its winter lay-up. Yesterday we went to a Barefoot Man concert at Nippers, our favorite Abacos beach bar. The pictures here show the front deck and the beach on another quieter day. We didn't want to have our camera with us at this party! We were there with about three thousand of our closest Abacos friends, quite a nice day. Scott was particularily enjoying himself as "Show me your tits!" is
one of the entertainer's key phrases. Marti Gras strings of beads were flying everywhere when as you may know, items of clothing were lifted to reveal several usually covered body parts.
 We took a ferry over from Hope Town as the anchorage there was packed. Several women in their seventies joined us on the ferry and were a lot of fun. Everyone danced, drank and ate the generous pig roast dinner. And happily we had the ferry captain to drive us all home.
Our outboard is one of our most important items needing repair - we've been doing a lot of rowing meanwhile. We were planning on staying here for a few more days to work on our outboard. The repair parts arrived, but it seems that the trade winds, which have been weak so far, will be filling in later in the week. This would make the trip to Nassau unpleasant then.
So, off we go on an 18 hour overnight to Nassau while the getting is good.
It will be our first passage since mid-November. Hopefully, we remember how to do it!