Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Week in Provence - Gordes, Abbaye de Serranque and Fort de Buoux

The Abbaye de Semanque over their lavender fields (not in bloom now unfortunately)

The Alpilles hills going northeast from Arles 

A closer view of the Abbaye

Narrow art gallery filled "streets" in Gordes

Honoree and Walt with their new purchase and the artist

A new look for Walt

Every gateway has a view

The red ivy adds a colorful touch of Autumn

Many of the structures were not vertical

Looking over the valley at the hillside and it's bricked caves

Many flowers added color

Another steep cliffside built up with houses, walls and
under them all, caves

A view of Gordes as we left town

Dramatic entry up to the Fort

That gets even more dramatic!

The caretaker's Fairy tale Cottage and garden welcomes you to the steep path up to the Fort

I wanted to move right in.

Honoree looks into the Fort's entrance

Rock climbers on the steep cliffs opposite

A close up of some of the climbers

Restoration work was ongoing 

The Fort and it's surrounding walled community spread
out on the long ridge.

Looking down at the Secret Staircase

The views over the mountains showed this Fort commanded
the area

We stayed very close to the wall on the trip
down this perilous descent. We can't
imagine how they built this. 

Looking up as Walt and Honoree begin their
trip down

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