Friday, October 07, 2011

Canal de Midi - The Cast of Characters

One of the few complete group photos as Heather takes most of the pictures; Walt, Honoree, Scott, Heather, Brenda and John
A year ago our good friends Walt and Honoree and John and Brenda came up to visit us in Vermont. We had all traveled in Peru together for 2 months 2 years ago before and decided to plan another trip for the following fall. After lots of visiting and talking over some great meals, we all opted for a canal boat rental in France followed by some time in Italy.
Scott and I met a rep from Le Boat at the Annapolis Boat Show and after some investigation made a reservation for two weeks on the Canal de Midi from October 1 to the 15th, 2011. Our boat was a Royal Classique with 3 staterooms and 3 baths. The salon was large and the galley well equipped. We ate all but one of our meals on board, alternating the three couples as chefs. We had nothing but fabulous food! We picked up the boat in Castelnaudry and went one way to Port Cassafieres - an excellent decision as it's easier going down the locks than up them. In addition we took the Canal de Robine down to Narbonne and the island of St. Louis - a really good addition to the Canal de Midi.
More coming about the details of our trip in coming entries...
In Castelnaudry just before we picked up our boat

Brenda models line handler attire

Les girls ham it up over Honorees artichokes

Ooh la la - it's France all right...

I'm supposed to fit on this?

One of our few cool days on the Canal

Yes, it can and it did...

This boat goes through that opening?

As line handler, Honoree displays great form

Honoree in mid air - practicing Combat Hapkido

Brenda and John cooking up another gourmet meal

"Which one of these giant lens should I use?"

Honorees work of art on Heather

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