Monday, October 24, 2011

A Week in Provence - Aix en Provence

Cezanne is honored throughout the city

A pretty small church on a lovely square
Our day in Aix-en-Provence was cloudy but it didn't dampen our enthusiasm for this pretty bustling city. There aren't the huge monumental plazas and buildings we saw in many, but an overall distribution of lovely smaller spaces and beautiful buildings. In the tourist information office we got a map of the city with a route of the native citizen Paul Cezanne sites and explanations. The route was duplicated physically with small bronze disks embedded in sidewalks and streets. It was fun way to see the city although most of the "sites" had pretty contrived relationships to Cezanne (and friend Emile Zola).
Dolphin Fountain

Lots of places to sit, have coffee and watch the crowds
We only visited one museum, the Musee de Vieix Aix, and it was really fun. They have a collection of "santoro" crib figures and wooden puppets celebrating the old festival of Fete-Dieu. Another favorite of mine was a doll house with historic figures dressed perfectly in beautiful rooms and only several inches high. We also enjoyed the Cathedral of Saint-Sauveur with it's lovely cloister and 15th C organ.
Or have a little chat in the sun

Two figure heads grace this door

Charming plazas dotted the city

Fountain and the Cathedral St. Sauveur

A little Mary Poppins?

Conservative shoes -pink and aqua laces?

The best bread we ate in France!

We never did find out what this was.

The Hotel de Ville and a beautiful entry

Found a Peruvian store and a charming llama

An unusual Peeping Tom

We saw a lot of these bulging walls.

This beautiful big fountain was in the largest plaza but there
was a busy road circling it.

Rowers at Martinques-

And many lovely stores.

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