Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cruising the Canal de Midi - the last days

The countryside from the boat as we traveled up the Canal de Robine back to the Canal de Midi

Dancing trees accompanied us after we rejoined the Canal de Midi and passed Angeliers

Honoree and Walt cuddle up as the sun sets 

The moon rose over Capestrung and the beautiful flood
lit Cathedral

Shadows playing on the stairs leading to
the Cathedral

We enjoyed having breakfast sitting in the quiet square

The Cathedral looms over Capestrung. We went into the
town center the next morning and explored.

Scott enjoying the internet with his morning coffee and

Last look at Capestrung - notice picnic table, very typical
along the side of the Canal

You can see in this picture how far the water
descends. Scott walked from one lock to the
next to handle the lines.

The start of the Fonserannes Staircase, a series of 9 locks
descending to Beziers. We only needed to take 7 of them.

We saw several monuments commemorating
Thomas Jefferson during our trip. This was
on the wall at the Staircase.

Good shot of the roof deck by Brenda

View of Beziers over the roof tops

Beziers Cathedral at night from our boat. We moored
right on the aquaduct over the River

It was a long day evidently - John still has his drink in his hand!

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