Friday, May 11, 2007

Bonaire to Curacao

We really hated to leave Bonaire. It meant saying goodbye to many old and new friends. When we return in July only a few of them will be around. Luckily Bob and Barbara will be there as they sold their beautiful boat "Enkidu" during our stay and have moved into a rental apartment at the Marina while they look for a new home in Bonaire. They are sitting to my left in this picture taken during dinner on Tango (shown below).

Another shot (shown above) is of one of the tables during the weekly Mexican dominos game. Valerie is on the left; it was hard to say goodbye to she and Dave - they were great buddy boat friends on our month through the Venezuelan islands.

Finally we cleared out of Customs, battened down the hatches and left for Curacao. Again it was an easy fast trip and we were off the marina, Seru Boca, in Spaanse Water (a beautiful large lagoon inside the island) by 2 PM. The wind was continuing between 15 and 22 knots so we anchored off the Marina and gave them a call on our VHF radio.
The manager came out to the boat and suggested waiting until early next morning to come into our slip, when the wind would be at it's calmest. That sounded great to us. We did go into the small restaurant/bar for dinner that night and met many old friends from our summer in Trinidad. The neighoring boats on either side of us will be there until our return and we met the owners as well. This is a lovely, although remote, spot!

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