Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fun times in Bonaire

We joined our friends from "Will of the Wisp", "Justoo" and "Unplugged" plus "Angel" on a trip to Lac Bay on the east side of Bonaire for the day in a rented truck. This picture shows how 10 people manage in a five passenger truck.

On the way we drove by the salt ponds. These are huge square pens of various colors from green to pink that dry out the salt from the water. This is major industry here on Bonaire. Until the Dutch took possesion from the Spanish in 1633 there was little development on the island and salt was it's only resource. It changed hands several times and was handed back to the Dutch by the Treaty of Paris in 1816. By 1837 it had a thriving salt industry, all made possible by slave labor. We visited the slave quarters which have been restored. Six men used to share these tiny dark houses.

A large group of kite surfers were practicing here on the beaches and they are spectacular to watch but our goal was the windsurfing lagoon at shallow Lac Bay. Honoree and Scott rented them and practiced as we all watched and cheered. Honoree is quite good and Scott is getting better! Many of us walked a half mile across the bay (it is that shallow!) to snorkel on the reef. It was a lot of exercise as the currents were quite strong. We rented lounge chairs and sat and talked too. Later we had dinner at a wonderful nearby restaurant, Kon Tiki - great food, atmosphere and service.

Another night we went to see "Eregon" at the movie theater on Fair Winds, a Scientology cruise ship that was in town. They invited mostly local people but Honoree had met the social director while running. All the guests and staff on the boat are Scientology members and most are there to take the courses and tests. The movie was very entertaining and it was fun to tour the boat. There were no attempts to convert any of the invited guests.

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