Thursday, September 03, 2015

Wurzburg, Germany

The bridge was alive with young people enjoying glasses (in nice
glasses by the way) of wine and beer. 
We left Ulm at around 3 pm following Thomas and Uli who showed us the way to the highway north. But about an hour later we ran into a traffic jam. Far away from a city it was evidently due to construction. So we decided to take off into the countryside. Scott directed me using his Android phone as our car Navigator just wanted to take us back to the expressway. It was fun to see some small towns and farms but the roads were very confusing and we ended up at a dead end at one point. So we headed back to the main road and happily had passed the obstruction. A Navigation system is a must in Europe as the signs are difficult to read. Ours brought us through a mass of confusing streets to our hotel, Hotel Gruner Baum. We had a very nice spacious room on the second floor with a opening window. Although it had been a very hot day, there was enough of a breeze and it was cooling off nicely.
Looking up with one of the statues from the bridge to the fortress
Another view of the bridge and fortress in the evening
It was difficult to force ourselves out again for dinner. But once we walked just a block to the river it was all worth while. There was the Old Main Bridge into the city center, with the Fortress Marienberg up on the hill. It was spectacular. And the bridge was alive with young people enjoying wine and beer in real glasses - sold from booths outside the restaurants. Imagine that in the States - no way. There was a big line and a long wait near the river so we walked just a short way into the lovely square and found a outside seat at a good restaurant in the Rathaus (Town Hall). It was a great people watching place and our meals were simple and nice. Both of us tried different local wurst specialties. Scott ordered it cooked in wine with vegetables and it was great. Afterwards we walked around the river and then were off to bed.
The next day was beautiful, bright and sunny. We had a nice breakfast and then checked out as we wanted to spend the whole day seeing the town. We had found a good free parking spot not far away.
Wurzburg has been here since the Bronze Age when a refuge castle stood on the hill. Celts, Alamanni and the Franks ruled until the 7th C. It was converted to Christianity by Irish missionaries in 686. An interesting side note - the largest peace time mass trials were held here from 1626 to 1631 and between 600 and 900 alleged witches were burnt! On 16 March 1945 90 percent of the city was destroyed by 225 bombers. The medieval center city was totally destroyed by firestorm and over 5,000 people perished. the city was rebuilt largely by women as there were almost no men around. The U.S. occupied the city and our last troops were withdrawn only in 2008.
But it is a beautiful city now and it's hard to believe most of it is reconstructed. Happily some great parts of the Residenz were saved by well built roofs. We took an English tour and it is really gorgeous! We were sorry to have to leave later in the afternoon. Next on the Heidelberg!

Daytime view
The Town Hall Square
The old Main Bridge with the Fortress Marienbad from further
down the river. The bridge was built between 1473 - 1543.
Baroque Harbor Crane from 1773 - it still works!
Looking down one of the pedestrian only
streets towards Wurzburg Cathedral
There were many charming shops
In the Market Square was what looked like a
May Pole to me
And it was Farmer's Market Day
Look at this selection of cheese - Yummo!
And beautiful fruits
And vegetables
With Wurzburg Cathedral looming above
The Julius Spital Baroque Hospital, Julius Spital is the second
largest winery in Germany.
The courtyards and gardens were beautiful. I love the blue sheep!
The Residenz, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
The front of the Cathedral, Romanesque and built
from 1040 to 1225
One of the charming squares throughout the city
All filled with bicycles! Everyone bicycles here
and there are bike paths EVERYWHERE!
We had a wonderful lunch overlooking the River
We sat up on the top terrace at the Alte
Mainmuhle Restauant 
Scott had the best view of the Fortress but I enjoyed watching
the river
You went through this tunnel to enter the fortress!
And then another fortress was inside with gate, bridge and moat
The moat is now a garden
Formal gardens spread out along the terraces overlooking the
city and vineyards
That's the Danube River below and the Old Main Bridge on the
I loved this sign - in town not the fortress.

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