Saturday, September 05, 2015

Heidelberg Part II

Heidelberg seen from the Castle. That's the Church of the Holy Spirit center right.
The moat with the mostly ruined castle within
We had an interesting English walking tour of the city in the morning and then took the funicular up to the castle. As you can see from the photos, it's more than half in ruins. It's a mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles. The first building was erected as a royal residence of the Prince Elector Philipp in the late 15th C. It was largely destroyed during the Thirty Year War and used as a quarry for many years. The process of preserving didn't start until 1800. Now it's the site of many festivals and concerts. Happily tickets were available for the concert that evening in the castle - one seat and one "standing room" (actually you were able to sit on the stairs or railings) - the last tickets they had! After touring the castle we continued up the funicular to the top. Unfortunately it started to rain - but didn't last long. We still had lovely views. Next we returned to the hotel on the modern trolley for a rest before having a wonderful dinner at the highly rated Que Restaurant (#5 Trip Advisor) right across the street.
Then we were off again up the funicular for the concert. What a glorious experience to hear symphonic music in a ruined castle with first the sunset, then the lights of the city gleaming and the castle walls lit up with spotlights. Walking back to our hotel though the darkened city observing lots of young people going out for the evening (their evening was just started), was fun. But we were headed to bed - tomorrow was our last full day of the trip. Next post we drive along the Rhine down to Frankfurt.
The lower funicular is called the Konigstuhlbahn. It was built in
1890 and refurbished several times. In 2005 modern sleek
cars were added.
At the funicular castle stop
The castle also hosts a wine tasting and some of the biggest
wine casks we've ever seen.
View from the Castle looking up river. The famous Philosopher's Walk is across the way halfway up the hill and along the River.
You can see the contrast from the restored section and the ruins
The top of the Molkenkurbahn funicular. It was opened in 1907
with an electric drive which is still used today. It still has
wooden cars, although renovated in 2005.
The upper funicular machinery 
We are more than twice as high as the castle here. We were having showers and it was late so we couldn't walk down - too bad!
Love this sign near the trolley stop
Veal Chop with Mushrooms at Que Restaurant
And Scott's scallop dish
View from Scott's seat for the first half of the show. I had a chair further in front. No one came to use the seat next to me so Scott
joined me for the second half.
The castle walls were illuminated after dark
View from our seats.

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