Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Schonbrunn Palace, Austria

A view of just one part of the amazing gardens at Schonbrunn Palace, summer home of the Hapsburg Family
After another great breakfast we packed up and headed off in our buses to Schonbrunn Palace where we had the last of our 3 major concerts. The 1,440-room baroque palace is one of the most important architectural, cultural and historic monuments in the country. It was built and remodeled during the 1740's and 50's during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa. Franz Joseph, the longest-reigning emperor of Austria was born there, spent most of his life there and died there in 1916. After the fall of the Habsburg monarchy in 1918 it was preserved as a museum. We had some free time to explore the gardens and enjoyed our leftover pizzas in the shady walks.
After some rehearsal in the beautiful Chapel, the concert was a huge success. We had a big enthusiastic crowd and the acoustics were excellent. It was the BEST performance I'd heard (and I'd heard 4 of them). Afterwards we had a tour of the palace, which was of course, beautiful and then boarded our buses again for our hotel in Vienna, The Hotel Imperial Riding School - the fanciest one yet, and right in the center of the city.
We didn't have long to get settled before we were on the buses again. This time for a ride just out of the city to one of the famous wine gardens where the Viennese go to enjoy the new summer wines and food. It was a lovely spot with bottomless carafes of their wine and a very good buffet dinner. The other customers asked for and received a brief concert which all enjoyed. A fun evening!
The hill in the distance was built so that you could get a
increasing perspective and view of the palace and grounds

Looking back from the fountain to the palace.

A close up of the Poseiden Fountain

Heather in front of the Grotto, palace in back

A view from our picnic bench in the shade - it was a very hot
day, in the high 90's. One day it went over 100!

One of the posters for the concert

Rip leading the Chorus in a rehearsal in the chapel

A close up of Scott, still rehearsing as the gentleman in front
hasn't put on his vest.

A charming cupid watches the performance from on high

I managed to take this photo before being told they weren't
allowed. This is just one of the tons of rooms we toured.

The wonderful Wine Garden where we had our dinner our first
night in Vienna, although it was out of the city aways.

We sat outdoors in a lovely courtyard/garden with lots of other
diners. They requested a few songs and loved them!

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