Friday, August 28, 2015

A Walk Around Munich

There were many wide pedestrian only streets, lined with flowers
and cafes. It was still quite early in the morning so no crowds yet.
Looking down the main nave at St. Michael's with that very angel
After a nice breakfast at the hotel we took the trolley downtown to Karlsplatz, or as the locals call it Stachus, after the pub that was here before the square was built. Facing downtown was the Karistor, a Gothic gate in the demolished Medieval walls. We walked down the wide pedestrian street Neuhauser, lined with restaurants and stores. St. Michael's Church merited a good stop and a later visit for the noon time organ recital.
Our first order of business was to try and buy tickets for the concert that night in the Haus der Kunst (House of Art). It took a while to find the correct ticket seller but they were sold out that night. It is sometimes possible to buy some at the last minute and we tried to do this that evening, but with no luck.
We then split up for the morning. Scott was off to find the nudist area of the English Garden, the central park of Munich and sunbathe. I toured the Residenz and the Treasury - two of the most famous sites in the city. And they were amazing. The Residenz contains 10 courtyards and displays 130 rooms, each one magnificent. The first building started in 1385 and more were added on in every style through the ages. After the Revolution of 1918 it became a public museum and then was severely damaged by bombing in WWII. Much was rebuilt and restored but other areas were simplified. Unfortunately I only had a few hours that morning so I had to rather rush through both the Residenz and the Treasury. This latter museum
Scott displays his Bernie for President sign while rubbing the
bronze boar for luck.

We had lunch at this cafe in the courtyard of New Town Hall, but
later in the day.
contained some of the most beautiful items I've ever seen. There was a lot in common with the Fabrege exhibit at the Museum of Art in Montreal that we saw a few years before but MUCH bigger and of course, many pieces from a thousand years of collecting. I've a few pictures here as examples.
Meanwhile Scott was enjoying nature with other nudists in the centrally located public park, followed by a swim in a stream nearby. It was a wonderful morning for him.
After both enjoying the concert at the Rathaus Clock and then the organ recital at St. Michael's, we had lunch in the courtyard of the New Town Hall. Then walked around the city, down to the Isar river thinking to go into the Deutsches Museum. As it was closed we instead walked around the area marveling at the beaches lining the river and lots of people sunbathing and swimming - right in the center of the city!
After a rest back at our hotel we returned to try for tickets at the concert - sadly still sold out. Walking back along in the area between the Ring Road and the river we found a nice little sidewalk cafe for dinner and a few blocks later, ice cream. A great day in Munich - we loved it!
Fountains and Churches are everywhere.

There were a lot of interesting shops - Deeply Felt here!

The Renaissance Antiquarium in the Residenz

This small room had beautiful inlay work and gold

One door after another led to rooms with unique
 and incredibly detailed decoration

There was a lot of gold and mirrors

This statue of  St. George slaying the dragon was a
stand out. Encrusted with jewels and gold but lively and
charming! Made in 1599.

The little details just amazed me - like the
handles on this crystal vase.

And this toilet case had to be the most elegant one in existance!

Back outdoors I walked past the Opera House on the way to
meet Scott

And oohed and aahed over these tradional costumes for children.

We met in front of the New Town Hall at noon to watch the
 Rathaus Glockenspiel strike the hour with it's intricate
32 figures dancing.

You can just make out the figures halfway up the
 tower. Here shown with the Marien Column
in the Marienplatz  square.

St. Peter's Church is the oldest parish church
in Munich and presumably the originating point for
the whole city. Fantastic "cloud" of crystals on
exhibit hanging from the ceiling.

No afternoon would be complete without a pastry break

Along the river was a photo exhibit of the changes in the river
bed and buildings along it over the last 300 years. Fascinating!

Walks stretch along both sides of the river and along the banks
of the islands in it.

A few views of the river spanned by many lovely bridges

And with lots of people enjoying the sun and water.

And everyone also enjoyed the fountains. Again it was very hot
during our visit.

Small streams pass through the city as well, flanked by walks
and greenery.

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