Monday, March 30, 2015

Underwater in the Bay Islands, Honduras

Colorful coral
 Scott has been diving pretty much every day with Jim & Renate on Emerald Seas. They have a dive compressor on board and in Utila they filled their own & Scott's tanks. In the West End of Roatan we have the tanks filled at Roatan Divers, such nice people, who let them rinse their equipment, shower and keep our dinghies there. He and Jim even did a night dive one evening. I've been swimming for a half hour every day and snorkeling alone or with the others.
Scott took all these shots with his new underwater camera! It's a very basic waterproof case over a simple digital camera but takes pretty good pictures as you see here. Jim and Renate have much more complicated apparatus and take some very spectacular shots. An external flash might at least be in Scott's future.
Cleaning shrimp
Flamingo Tongue

Sea anemones

Spiny lobster

French Angel Fish

Four eyed butterfly fish

Queen angel fish

Barracuda closeup

Sargent majors

Smooth Trunkfish

Hog fish

We see a lot of turtles; Scott swims with them
Exploring the canyons
Two jaw fish peep out of their holes
A big grouper looks on
A lobster closeup
Frog fish look like aliens and are hard to spot
Taken on his night dive, some neon glow
Another night dive shot
A Zoanthid forms intricate patterns
Buddy Jim dashes over the bottom
 A Black Durgon
Fascinating patterns
A Spiral Anemone

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