Thursday, March 19, 2015

Our first stop in Honduras - Utila

Scott having his morning coffee
We stayed at Utila, Honduras for about 10 days, snorkeling/diving and walking around the island. With Emerald Seas we rented a golf cart, which promptly fell apart on us. They brought us another one and we explored the island on many types of "roads". It is beautiful. We also visited with friends Maria & Roger who live at the west end of the island for half the year (the other half in North Conway).
Jim & Renate from "Emerald Seas", our cruising buddies

The view from our cockpit with the mountains behind.
Heather, Scott, Jim & Renate in our first rented golf cart

Which didn't last long - we had to push it our of the road.

The wheel fell completely off

Swamp lizards are small but colorful & a bit scary

Outside the Iguana Station

The windward side of Utila

In our new 4 seat cart we managed to see most of the island

These are called "Tourist Trees"

We didn't end up here at Skid Row, notice the woman unconscious

Instead we went to REHAB

Sunset behind Emerald Seas

Flowers line the streets here

Scott gets a haircut at a local place

More flowers - I love these!

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