Friday, March 15, 2013

Chichen Itza and Merida

Mayaland Hotel at Chichen Itza

With peacocks strutting around
Scott and I generally stay in very modest (cheap) hotels so we were very happily surprised by Mayaland Hotel at Chichen Itza. We've visited the temple complexes twice before so enjoyed lazing around the lovely pool and walking the grounds. Tony and Hilary had a great time touring the temples with a guide for the morning.
The evening buffet was pretty good (it is possible to order ala carte but the pricing makes it not a good value) but the breakfast buffet just average. Still we loved sitting out on the terrace overlooking the grounds. We'd recommend this hotel and in fact do recommend it - we're now Senior Contributors on Trip Advisor!
It was about a 1.5 to 2 hour trip driving into Merida. We stayed for the third time at Hotel Doloras Alba not far from the main square. It's a attractive budget hotel with a pool and pretty courtyards. The breakfast here is included in the price and pretty basic.
Merida is a big bustling city with lots of beautiful colonial architecture - see previous postings. This time we stayed two nights over the weekend. On Saturday night and Sunday they close several of the main streets for walking and bicycling.
This beautiful carriage must have been used back in the
1930's when this resort first opened

Charming Mayan style bungalows are set among the
beautiful grounds
It's so much fun people watching and it seems everyone is out enjoying themselves. Cafes set up tables on the street and there are bicycle rental shops with a wild assortment of inventory.  Booths with vendors selling everything are set up around the square and in the streets. In front of the Palace there were music and dance performances. Unfortunately all with loud speakers at full blast. None of us could stand the volume although Tony and Hilary tried valiantly for awhile.
This stained glass window was in the poolside bathroom!
People watching was fun while eating out in the Squares, our favorite spot was the Main St. Restaurant right near the Plaza. Our first evening we "attended" a formal wedding at the nearby Church. It was fascinating watching the bridal party assemble and then the bride arrive.
On Sunday we walked the famous  Paseo de Montejo along with many others. This "Champs Elysee" of Merida is lined with old mansions and more modern lovely homes.
It was a great visit, but we had a new city to explore, Campeche - more in my next blog.
With matching tiles all around

We spent the morning lazing around the pool - heaven!

The church was decorate with masses of white
Everyone of the bridesmaids was lovely
Everyone including the guests were formal
Two of the Dancers
The main staircase of the Opera House
Bows anyone? Lots of choices
Balloons, Balloons and more Balloons
A bicycle built for 4
Charming dolls in traditional dress
The lighthouse structure seems a little odd
But maybe it's a "tower" like this one on a more modest level
Children's activities were set up
This mansion could be in Frnace.

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