Sunday, March 10, 2013

Around Isla with Tony and Hilary

These beach chairs are just waiting for us and YOU

Tony enjoying a G & T and a book

I keep planning to do some painting but am sorry to say that
at this point it's only in the planning stage. When I do it will
be in fishing boats on the north beaches.

Hilary in the Captain's seat relaxing

Our golf cart for the day

Our good friends Hilary and Tony from London are visiting us here in Isla and we decided to travel with them for 5 days in the Yucatan. They'll continue on to Chiapas and Mexico City and we'll come back to our boat. We have a few projects to finish up before sailing south to Belize in time for our next guests, Brent and Wilma.
But first we had 5 days with them on Isla and toured the whole island, walking most of it. One day we did rent a golf cart and drove around the south end of the island, stopping for lunch and a swim at Captain Dulce. There was plenty of time too for just relaxing and catching up with these wonderful friends we originally met cruising in Curacao and Bonaire. They were then on their boat Miss Charlotte which they have since sold. We stayed with them in 2011 in London on our way back from Italy and France. 
We're picking up our rental car tomorrow and driving to Chichen Itza for one night, Merida for two and Campeche for two more. Meanwhile we've been showing them around Isla.

Motor scooters are the favored transportation for
many families on the island. You can see the little
girl in the front but there is also a young boy
between the mother and father!
We visited the famous floating island built of plastic bottles
built by Richard, seen bringing guests over on his handmade
Fish tacos at Captain Dulce's - the red comes from achiote
paste (annato) used commenly here in the Yucatan for
fish and meats
There were a number of parrots in the gardens
Scott communing with one of them

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Christine said...

Every time I read your posts I feel a tad bit jealous! Then I remember that it is gorgeous spring day here with loads of sunshine and I just came off the slopes, then went swimming and sat in the hottub and sauna with my sweetie...and I feel fabulous, so I got over it quickly! Life is good and we are fortunate. The little girl on scooter looks like she is sleeping. You certainly have some great photos to paint when you return! Tell Scott I got an idea for a sculpture for Sculptfest. I might do it!