Friday, April 13, 2012

Hasta La Vista Mexico

Our last week in Mexico was a really special one as our friends Brenda Free and John Magrauder from "Willow" joined us at the El Cid Marina in Puerto Morales. We rented a car and drove to Chichen Itza and Merida with them, this time for two nights. We stayed at the Dolores Alba in both places and were again happy with their accommodations and price. The first day we again stopped at the Cenote Dzitnip for a refreshing swim. All this was new to Brenda and John of course and Scott and I enjoyed it as well. Our guide Willy was very knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor. Alfredo wasn't available but it was good to have a different person as we saw and heard new things.
This time we were able to go to the Sound and Light Show in the evening and even though we didn't get the English version on ear phones, the pyramids by moonlight and the dramatic lighting was well worth it. Afterwards we went into the town center and joined the throngs celebrating Easter week. The main square was alive with activity with vendors of all kinds. We had warm cinnamon sugar covered churros and ice cream. Yum!
Brenda, John, Scott and I
This plate was for four of us and still too much to finish.
The next day we visited Chichen Itza and then drove on to Merida. Although we had a lovely evening there strolling the streets and mostly looking at the beautiful crafts, it's a long drive for just one night. We should have stayed for two but couldn't due to other plans. As usual the food everywhere was delicious. In Vallodolid we got a great recommendation to eat at local popular place and had the Mayan plate for 4. It was amazing (picture here). In Merida we ate a lovely courtyard restaurant that served vegetarian specialties (and meat) and Brenda and I had fantastic stuffed eggplants. The food is wonderful in Mexico and very reasonable.
So after a day of preparation we again headed south off shore for a four day trip to Belize. Puerto Morales was the last place to check out so we anchored off Cozmel and in Bahia de la Acencion but didn't get off the boat. Then we had a really pleasant overnight to San Pedro, Belize. Pleasant means sailing/motor sailing, clear skies, moderate seas and wind and no other boats to worry about. Perfect.
And the much worried about entrance into San Pedro through the narrow reef opening was no problem. Then our luck briefly ran out as we spent an hour running aground in shallow places trying to find a safe anchorage. With some radio assistance we found one and here we are in Belize. More news later.
The food stands in the square were all busy. Here another
look at the Mayan costume
Coconut and Mango Ice Cream near Chichen Itza
The local Mayan costume. She's actually
going to ride this bike@
Merida by night is all lit up and beautiful
The huge fun pool at the El Cid Marina Resort in Puerto
And their beach...

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