Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Heather

We enjoyed several days at the Blue Ground Cay anchorage in a deep harbor surrounded by reefs with a terrific couple chartering "Sparrow" from the Moorings in Placencia, D.J. and Lianne. It was their first night out and they were glad to see another boat sail into the harbor. D.J. came over in the dinghy to invite us over for drinks later. It was luckily a comedy of errors when we did. Luckily a comedy rather than a more serious problem. On the way over our outboard died and we were quickly taken by the current towards the reef entrance (and out to sea). Our oars would probably have handled the situation but D.J. jumped in his dinghy and flew over to get us. Then his outboard died too. In his haste he had forgotten to get his fuel can. So both of us are drifting off. Scott and I paddled over to him and happily they both had the same type of outboard and were able to connect our fuel tank to his outboard. We were a long way away from our boats at that point and glad we didn't have to fight our way back with oars. Our boat doesn't handle very well with them. The evening was delightful. We were very upset later by not being able to reach our son Sean on the SSB WCO phone system as there was too much interference. It was his birthday and we'd counted on being able to call him. It did work the next morning although we just had to leave a message. On my birthday two days later we anchored in Placencia, a lovely small town in the south of Belize. At Yoli's bar we met several cruisers and arranged to have dinner later at Dawn's Grill and Go. I met Dawn in San Pedro a week before so it was nice to spend the evening at her place. And it was a great meal. Afterwards we had gelato at the best place in Central/South America (according to a number of people), Tutti Fruitti. Fantastic stuff and we should know, having spent a month in Italy last fall. So a wonderful birthday once more, despite not being with our family, which would have made it perfect.
D.J. affects a rescue and tows our dinghy back to Scott
D.J. and Liane on board "Sparrow" at Blue Ground Range
Cay anchorage
"Working hard" at the wheel?
Captain Scott off duty
Heather's Birthday dinner at Dawn's Grill and Go in
Placencia, Belize
A rowdy group of friends sing a chorus of Happy
Close up of my Curried Prawn dinner
Tutti Fruitti Gelato rivals any we had in Italy

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