Saturday, September 24, 2011

We love Paris in the Autumn...

With accordion accompaniment
Where else could you buy a tiara case to match your pocketbook

Gardens on the outside of buildings
Or built on the stairs...
 spend  hundreds on
canned gourmet products?
and little on a cup of Morrocan Mint Tea 
buy poulets in a huge variety of sizes

And the bread - ooh la la
All sealed with a kiss
Ah yes, we're having a good time...
We flew to Paris on September 18 and with bleary eyes made our way onto the subway system. Several kind residents assisted us with the directions and we emerged at Gare Nord around 9:30AM. After a restorative petit dejeuner (coffee, french bread, croissants, jam and butter) we got totally lost. We each had a large suitcase on wheels, Scott a backpack and myself, a pocketbook and cloth bag with essentials (in case of lost luggage), so it wasn't easy walking. Some police persons tried to give us directions but they were complicated (and our french is not) but eventually we found our hotel. Good news; we could leave our luggage there. Bad news; we couldn't check in until 2PM.
On our kind desk clerk's suggestion we walked up to Sacre Coeur Cathedral. It was the best day of our time in Paris; sunny and warm. The streets are endlessly fascinating and the views from the top of Montmartre really lovely. We sat in the sun for some time, so relaxed we were afraid to fall asleep right there. It was a relief to check in to our room later and nap. We had dinner nearby and a good night's sleep. Details of our hotel and restaurants are in a later posting - The Gory Details.

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