Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boat Life on the Seine

We enjoyed walking the banks of the river
We had only three nights in Paris - but we've naturally packed in a lot of activities. We walked, walked and walked. At our hotel one of the guests exclaimed in surprise that we had walked back from the Eiffel Tour. We had actually walked the equivalent of four times that, and it was only afternoon.
What I enjoy most is viewing the life here. Of course the architecture and art is amazing. We did visit the Louve etc. but walking the streets and watching the people and the way they live their lives is the most fun.

Couples and families are living on their houseboats
This was particularly interesting for us on the river. There is a lively community of people, cruisers like us, tied up along the banks. We were sorry we didn't get a chance to meet anyone. Unfortunately for my photos, we had a number of gray days in Paris - but no rain thank goodness.
We did take a boat cruise as well and enjoyed the views of life from the water. It was also nice to sit down for awhile.
The food was another highpoint as well. We had some fabulous meals in restaurants and some wonderful picnics as well. In general we're trying to eat out either for lunch or dinner - not both. We're here for two months and just can't afford it. Happily

They even have "garages"
given the choice of breads, cheeses, pates, fruit and veggies available everywhere (and wine of course), this isn't a sacrifice. We ate in our room or had a picnic.

The table is set for dinner - wish we were coming

Every bridge has it's own statuary

We decided to see the river by boat - here Notre Dame

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