Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and Homecoming Weekend at Rock Sound, Eleutera

Dancing knee to knee!

Julie and I with a handsome policeman

Rock Sound is a large bay providing protection from most directions, although it would be necessary to move to the far side if the wind came out of the west. Although the charts showed large areas of 6 and 5 feet, we saw at least 2 additional feet above that at all times in the area off the town. The first night we anchored in a 7 foot spot just south of the town beach, but then on the advice of George and Nancy on "Trumpeter" we moved the next morning to a nice spot further north, just off a rusty old tank on the shore and slightly north of the town and customs dock. We never saw less than 8 feet here.

This fellow did a solo dance with beer can
in front of the stage before the general crowd
started dancing

Couldn't resist several pictures of the carefully dressed
local beauties
Style knows no age limit!

We had lucked out once more and arrived on the first day of the Easter weekend, and the annual Rock Sound Homecoming Weekend. Regardless of the strong religious orientation of the Bahamas people, this meant drinking and loud music at night so we were glad to have moved further away from the festivities on the town beach. That doesn't mean we weren't delighted to go - quite the opposite. It was a lot of fun, although most of the scheduled programs started after midnight! That included the fashion show (with kids!) that we really wanted to see.
The festivities lasted from Thursday to Monday. A schedule was posted but they started on Bahamas time. Booths with food and beverages lined the beach and there was live music every night. We had lunch there one day and stayed till midnight another.
Arriving at the Rock Sound Methodist Church for Easter

Cruisers dressed in their Sunday best. Julie even had a hat!

We celebrated Easter as well. On Sunday Julie and I attended the Methodist Church along with 8 other cruisers. It was a lovely service with lots of hymns accompanied by the organ, guitar and drummer. The church was beautifully decorated with (artifical) flowers but real palm leaves. The congregation was very welcoming and is clearly a strong loving community.
The morning started in a non religious Easter tradition. I had thought to buy Easter candies and made Easter baskets (with green plastic grass) to deliver to Trumpeter, Alex and Carol on "Nepenthe", and Julie and Peter.
Scott and I in front of the Ocean Hole at Rock Sound

Peer down in to the clear depths and you'll see a few fish
waiting to be fed

Rock Sound itself is a prosperous looking small village of mostly Bahamians with a few small cottages for rent right in town. A big attraction is Ocean Hole Park - this is a sink hole in the limestone, very deep but with underground connection to the ocean somehow (it's .25 miles from the sound). We didn't have a swim but we brought fish food.
Scott and I walked over to the Atlantic side and the long white beach there. Earlier with the car we had stopped at the small cottage inn and the North Side restaurant run by a lovely Bahamian woman, Rosy. We had really hoped to eat there but it didn't work out. She picks up and returns folk who need a ride from Rock Sound. Call her (334-2573) or arrange with Mr. Cates at Dingle Motors.
The lined ditch going from left to right is a dingle. Mr Cates
of Dingle Motors told us so!
By now you realize how fascinated I am by these soft color
dappled walls here (and elsewhere)

A quiet well kept street in Rock Sound

Purple mangoes, unfortunately not ripe, but beautiful


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed our annual Homecoming, please come again.

Rock Sounder

Anonymous said...

Rock Sound Homecoming 2012, April 1st through 9th. SEE you ALL there. More activities for our boating guests.

Anonymous said...!/RSDHomecoming

Check out our facebook page which includes the official schedule. Sailing Community should register for the Poison Point Challenge scheduled for Saturday April 7th @ 10 am.

Rock Sounder