Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Black Point and off to Eleuthera!

Boat building in wood is still practiced in Black Point

The moon rising over the bay
The community at Black Point is the largest in the Exumas outside of Georgetown on Great Exuma. Their motto, on a number of signs, is Stick to the Point! They are proud of the fact that many of their young people stay on the island. It helps that there are jobs on nearby Staniel Cay. We saw a number of boats with young men go speeding in that direction in the mornings.
It's a sleepy charming local community with no tourist infrastructure and they like it that way.

Inside Lorraine's Cafe in Black Point
And the outside! Definitely the meeting place in this
community and for cruisers

We walked up the north end of the island past a number of small homes for rent and this seemed a nice place for families to come for a vacation.
We met Charles and Sharon Vassallo, formerly cruisers on "Providenza", that live six months a year here working with the Bahamas Holy Bible Mission  church and living in one of their properties just east of the dinghy dock. They run an enthusiastic SSCA cruising station providing help to boats stopping by the island.

The SSCA cruising station in Black Point. Former cruisers
now doing missionary work here.

More beautiful flowers

We didn't realize that most things are closed on Sunday and planned to have lunch at Lorene's Cafe. She hadn't planned on serving it but offered to make something for us - some good cheeseburgers and sides. Thank you Lorraine!
Many young men were watching the NBA basketball playoffs and several other cruisers were checking their email.
We have a WIRIE system bought in St. Martin that brings wifi from far and wide onto our boat. It's a high powered wifi adapter that we haul up on a halyard (it's in a waterproof case) and it works great. We can almost always find free hot spots around or in some cases pay for their use.
We had just said goodbye to Ron and Marie who were off to Georgetown and further south. Our plans were to exit through the Dotham Cut and sail to the south of Eleuthera. It was almost 60 miles to the Rock Sound anchorage so we had made reservations at the 2 marinas on the south end of the island in case it was too late to continue on to the anchorage. Davis Harbor and Cape Elethera Marina are the only marinas at that end of the island.

This time it's Scott Free seemingly floating in space,
anchored in Black Points clear waters
We left at dawn and had a rough passage out the cut but later it improved and we had a fast sail northeast towards the tip of Eleuthera. Fast enough so that we canceled our reservations at the marinas on the VHF as we passed and had our anchors down in Rock Sound by 5PM. A few minutes later we popped the top of our beers and put our feet up. Another successful crossing.

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