Monday, October 01, 2007

Natural Bridges, Donkeys and Ostrichs (in Aruba?)

Richard and Debra have a car and we've been visiting the sights all over Aruba. The natural bridge was a prime attraction - all set up with cafeteria, snack bar and gift shop. Unfortunately the main bridge collapsed several years ago. Somehow the signs all over the island haven't changed and now the attraction is the collapsed natural bridge! There is a small one still there shown in the picture and the coastline is really beautiful.
Donkeys roam here too and one group stopped our car looking for a handout. Sorry guys we don't have anything. Another day we visited the ostrich farm - for lunch and a tour. The restaurant was very imposing, built like a huge African hut. Ostrich in burgers, chinese style and meat loaf - all were good. Happily all the meat comes from Curacao's ostrich farm and the animals we saw were not in danger.
The gift shop was very attractive with beautiful crafts from South Africa for sale - very expensive but unusual and lovely. The tour was really fun, especially feeding the ostrichs. They are enormous birds and majestic. One male in particular was very imposing - see the shot with Scott below left. At first we held the food tray facing them.
It was hard to keep it steady as their pecking was so hard. Then our guide turned us around and backed us up against the fence. The ostrichs crowded around and feed over our shoulders. Here you can see Debra with a boa of ostrichs! This was actually quite scary but an experience for sure. Debra looks calm but my face shows fear all right on the left.
We took several brief movies of this and hopefully we'll have them posted on UTube soon with a connection here.

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