Saturday, October 27, 2007

Doorways and balconys in Cartagena

First let me apologize for the clarity of some of my photos. I am hoping to get a better camera this winter. However if you are interested, you can double click on any photo and a large version comes up on the screen (you need to page down to get the whole photo displayed) and this is much clearer.
Many mornings I take my camera on our walk. The doorways and balconys fascinate me. There are beautiful examples in both the poorer and richer parts of town. Flowers cascade from almost every one. Generally of course we see them from the ground, but one day we met a fellow who rented homes in the city and he took us to one for a tour (he was really hoping we'd rent it - but it was way out of our financial league). The roof top had a sun deck and small swimming pool.

From there you could see all over the city and over to the ocean. The tops of other homes sport these tiny rooftop pools and decks. We certainly wish we could rent this lovely home for a month or more. This city reminds me so much of Italy and I'm looking forward to painting again. We stop for some fresh squeezed orange juice halfway and chat with the vendors. We feel perfectly safe here in Cartagena. There is little crime. That isn't true however in the rest of the country. It isn't possible to go into the mountains for example. My book on hiking and touring South America says in the preface that they don't even include Columbia in the book because of the danger traveling in their mountainous areas.

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