Monday, April 30, 2007

The Aves

The Aves are two separate groups of islands about 10 miles apart. Aves means birds in Spanish and there are many of them there. They live in dense mangrove forests on some of the islands. They crowd the branches; boobies, seabirds and herons. It had been a rolly passage that day and we were tired after lunch but the aqua water called to us. We swam over to a nearby reef and snorkeled for an hour. There was a lot of current so the trip back was slower. We had the rest of the barracuda for dinner and watched the last DVD in my Indiana Jones set, documentaries on the making of the series - really fun.
It blew hard overnight but was calmer in the morning. We borrowed Dave and Val's satellite phone to call our movers at their request. We were being moved out of our Lake Rescue home, Tall Timbers, into a storage unit today and tomorrow. We spent the day kayaking around to see the birds: baby boobies are so adorable, fluffy white balls. They and their parents didn't seem frightened of us at all, but just stared at us as curiously as we did of them. We had a lovely Sunday brunch on Angel mid day; scones, muffins, pancakes, Canadian bacon, fruit salad and peach cobbler. Fabulous! Later we explored over to the next two anchorages. A small landing allowed you through a gap in the mangroves to the open grassy east side of the island.

There a wall of painted rocks and wood testified to the many cruisers who have been through this area - a boater's shrine. We had seen a similar one back in the Exumas in the Bahamas. The snorkeling was very good as well and we saw a number of new species.

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